Road Repair Resin RD-46

Resina Reparación Calzada
| 7 October, 2015


Mixture of thermosetting resins, with mineral loads, selected for its high mechanical resistance.


  • Recommended for medium and strong traffic.
  • Excellent bending resistance.
  • Good abrade resistance.
  • Quick hardening: after 1h complies with the EN-124 standard (400 Kg/cm²).
  • Can be used any time of the year, even at temperatures below freezing.
  • Absence of contraction, excellent adhesion to cement and asphalt.
  • Durable even in extreme driving conditions.
  • Immediate circulation opening.
  • Mixes easy and odorless.


Two components kit to mix before use.

  • Component A: Prepared resin
  • Component B: Hardener


  • Resin « A » packed in a plastic bag inside a metal bucket of 25 Kg.
  • Hardener « B » in a pre-dosed plastic bag.


Road Repair Resin

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