Filling Resin RD-47

Resina de Llenado a base de bitumen y elastómero de poliuretano
| 7 October, 2015


Asphalt/resin of bitumen and polyurethane elastomer for road repairs.


  • Ready to use, it can be use cold.
  • Long conservation.
  • Can be used several times. Clean use, without wasting the product.
  • Easy repairs.
  • Resistant to frost, abrasion and the addition of salt.
  • Can be used any time of the year, on cements and asphalts (even wet).
  • It is applied without need for specialized personnel or special equipment.
  • Complementary to the ROAD REPAIR RESIN.


  • For filling road repairs.
  • Leveling of ditches, reparations after the placement of gas, water pipes and traffic signs.
  • Repair of potholes, road cracks, sidewalks…


Approximately 20kg / m² per inch of thickness.


25 kg plastic bucket.


Filling resin

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