Equipped fire fighting hydrant – BMS Hinged

Hinged cabinet equipped fire hydrant
| 4 December, 2012

BIE of 25 mm. According with the UNE – EN 671-1 norm and certified by AENOR and CE.

-   Vertical cabinet made of polished sheet and painted with epoxy-polyester, red RAL-3000.
-   Lockable door slip and security seal.
-   Methacrylate included in semi-blind door models.
-   Hinged winder axial feed.
-   Globe valve 1” chrome-plated brass with drain and reduction gear wheel.
-   Pressure gauge scale 0-16 Kg / cm2.
-   Triple effect lance (jet, spray and closing), King type of 25 mm. Hose connected to buttress threaded hole Ø10mm.
-   20mts. rigid hose of 25 mm. According to UNE 23091 / 3A (UNE-EN- 694) norm.
-   Supply hose between the valve and the spool.
-   Reversible cabinet with power input water on all sides.
-   Equivalent diameter 10mm/factor K= 42.

Category: Water Extinction